With a professional career spanning over 3 and a half decades Taos, New Mexico

painter Victoria Ryan has produced an evolving body of work that has been

continuously exhibited and has gained accolades and placement in private and

corporate collections worldwide.

        Victoria lived much of her life in California, having studied at Art Center College of

Design, Otis Art Institute and ultimately earning a BFA in Painting and Drawing from

California State University at Long Beach. Her early work in soft pastel was noted

immediately for its crossover themes from representation into abstraction. In 1984,

just two years out of college her entry into The International Art Competition, an

exhibition held in conjunction with the Summer Olympics held in Los Angeles, earned

her a Silver Medal for her abstract pastel drawings. Acceptance into museum

exhibitions followed including The Julia Morgan Memorial Exhibition of California

Women Artists at The Riverside Art Museum.

        Victoria weaves together thoughtful patterns of color, light, line and texture to create visual

stories that are powerful and beautiful.   Her empathic ability to incorporate a psychological and 

spiritual viewpoint into her abstract landscapes is both palpable and relatable.

      Now living and painting in her rustic studio in Taos her most spiritous and

introspective work is being realized.

October, 2019   Taos New Mexico

Victoria Ryan