I am a painter.  I work primarily in soft pastels and oils and secondarily in acrylic, casein and mixed media.  I am attracted to landscapes, architecture,  and abstract themes based on nature.   Representational landscapes and abstract paintings have been interwoven throughout my career.   

My abstractions are created through a largely intuitive process based on the premise of a deconstructed landscape or more accurately, a piece of a collective subconscious sketchbook of what the process of perceiving and inventing what would become nature might look like.   I also fold in pieces of human drama from my life experiences…. though abstract its kind of like writing a song.

After living from one end of California to the other for much of my life,   I relocated to Taos, New Mexico in 2016.    With 360 degree views from my home and  studio I am in bliss!  

Victoria Ryan