What Inspires

In November my husband and I visited a favorite inn in Ashland Oregon, the Ashland Mountain House Bed and Breakfast.  This was our second trip at the same time of year.   We love the area in Southern Oregon and the rich fall colors of the landscape there.   My previous series revolving around Litha Park were created from there and I continue to reach into my vast array of photographic files and sketches to create studio paintings.   Interestingly from all of the beautiful landscapes I have captured on film, this little composition from the inn called to me.   At the time this was a sweet moment captured.  I remember wandering the grounds with my husband  as we crunched through a sea of leaves and  I happened upon this little courtyard.   I can still feel the crisp fall morning air as I look at this and how I felt at the time – very calm but alive, much like the scene.   There is something about small moments in time and how they resonate over and over.    I’ll still revisit the vast, colorful landscapes in future work but at times it is wonderful to be able to relive sweet moments in time through the process of painting.


"Arbor at the Inn" Pastel 14x11

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Victoria Ryan