The Road To Happy



Let’s just say, I’m a Sensitive Cancerian and its been an interesting few months, few years.   The beauty of living the life of an artist is that to be in pain is to be alive and deeply felt emotion begets art.   The images that I find myself compelled to paint, tell an inner story.     The patterns I’ve been attracted to are an attempt to create order, the use of color is a direct reflection of mood.   I continue to be drawn to dwellings and architecture as a symbol of humanity or at times an anthropomorphic  entity.   I just posted more original work so have a look in the New Pastels Section on the right.   I’m emerging from my studio to prepare to go on the road for the LaQuinta Arts Festival, a new venue for me.   I’m excited about a trip to the desert!  More on that in a few days.

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Victoria Ryan