Images of Water on Different Substrates, Part I

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I’ve been focusing much of my energy, in spite of the occasional detour, into exploring images of water in various settings.  Water as a theme opens up the opportunity for creative exploration as well as its metaphorical and contextual meaning.  Last week I was back in love with my LaCarte pastel card as a working surface, especially when I executed this painting of an irrigation ditch here in Eureka.  The fog was rolling in in the distance but there was still some waning sun at my back that was opening up the color.  It made for quite a beautiful spectacle.

Choosing the substrate to work on is not always a straightforward proposition.  In this case I knew I wanted to build soft layers of color incorporating a soft yet controlled touch as the composition drifted into the distance.  I could not have been happier with the outcome.

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Victoria Ryan