Good Times in La Jolla and an Award Too!

Following Bliss

"Following Bliss" Pastel

A few weeks ago I participated in the second annual LaJolla Art and Wine Festival – a new venue supporting underfunded programs in the LaJolla public schools.  This year the organizers brought in Joseph Lillis, who headed up the Sausalito Art Festival for years and turned it into a blockbuster event.   A few dozen artists from that show went to La Jolla because of his involvement.   Though there are still kinks to work out it ended up being a great weekend.  I got to hang with my artist friends Beverly Wilson and Karen McLean McGaw, two wonderful California painters.  It turned out to be a somewhat mellow show but we did place work with some fabulous new collectors, including this new painting titled “Following Bliss” which I didn’t even have time to get on the website before the show.   On Sunday afternoon I was given a Best in Class Award topping off the weekend.   We plan on returning next year.   Thank you LaJolla!

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Victoria Ryan