moving-through.jpg Friday  5pm my favorite time of the week!   After working hard from Monday through Friday, including getting up every day at 6:30 am, making my daughter’s lunch and driving her to school for zero period at 7:25 a.m. and days filled with Wii yoga, treadmills, painting, emailing, networking, tweeting, facebooking, consulting, coaching, painting some more, ordering supplies, making dinner, talking to my sister on the phone (a rare treat),  grocery shopping with teenagers, watching softball games in the cold at 9:00 at night,  switching mediums mid-week from pastel to oil, ordering up a ton of supplies from Utrecht, coming up with creative dinners every night for the family, chaffeuring my daughter (who has quite a life), watching my daughter receive a certificate from the Bd. of Supervisors for committee work on Youth Relay for Life,  meeting clients, blogging, spoiling my labrador who thinks she’s a person,  monitoring every cough for the swine flu,  and checking in on American Idol to see what Adam Lambert is going to do next I  look forward to the break the break that is the weekend.        I finished this painting this week.   Another water piece but a departure somewhat.   I got lost in all of that activity in the movement of the water and how the light danced across the surface.   As they  say on American Idol “I had fun with it.”  I’m going to go enjoy my weekend now.   Starting with a little quality time with the husband.   I hope you all have a great weekend as well!

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Victoria Ryan