SUCCESS – We have a Blogsite!

What an intensely focused few days I’ve had. Starting with the unsolicited, much appreciated and extensive help from my good friend Sheila and her husband Paul, a smart web wiz from academia, I have now successfully moved  my entire website over to this blog.  Actually Paul moved it but I helped!  Isn’t it cool? With this new site I will be able to add new images immediately and News and Events will be updated instantly instead of sporadically.  There are several ways to view the images and soon I will be adding an ecommerce option as well.  But for now, the major work is done and I am a happy blogger.  Major thanks to Paul and Sheila.  I could not have done this without you nor would I have even tried.  Be sure to visit Sheila’s “blogsite” as well at and view her gorgeous pastels and oils.

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Victoria Ryan