Bellevue Museum Arts Fair

We’re in the process of loading up the Suburban to make the two day trek to Bellevue Washington for the Bellevue Museum Art Fair.   We’ve been participating in this show since 2000, the first year I ever showed my work at an art fair.    The Museum fair is a very cool event with a lot of very extraordinary fine art and contemporary craft to choose from.   Getting ready is always a monumental task for some reason even though we’ve been doing this for years.   Unlike many artists who do fairs, we have never fully succumbed to buying a state of the art van or groovy organizing system.   We continue to load the paintings carefully into the Suburban separated by sheets of cardboard and held up with cables and the rest of our supplies and luggage…a perfectly imperfect system.    We’ve chosen to participate in only a small selection of shows for the meantime, while there are kids still at home and the thought of travelling longer distances seeming too daunting but one day maybe we will and perhaps with a big van!    For now, its all puzzled into the Suburban with the extended Yakima rack on top.   My husband Bruce and I have it down to a system.

The Loaded Suburban

The Loaded Suburban

I’ll be bringing new work to the show that has not been seen in the Pacific Northwest.   Included is a large scale Vineyard painting from the Applegate Valley in Oregon.   The landscape is beautiful there.   I’m looking forward to seeing my treasured Northwest collectors at the show and hopefully meeting some new ones.    I’ve posted new paintings in the galleries so be sure to take a look.    See you at the fair, this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 23-25!

Applegate Valley Vines

"Applegate Valley Vines" 25x39" Pastel

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