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 Well that was a life affirming road trip.   I’ve actually been back home for a week and a half  from our two week trip to Southern California and the LaQuinta Art Festival but had immediate work to attend to so am just now doing a post trip wrap up.  
Getting ready for shows always entails a lot of work and preparation but arranging all of the details necessary for a successful  show turned out to be  particularly daunting this time.   Fortunately life continues to be a learning process and the assimilation of experience and knowledge continues.   Some would think that the life of an artist is an easy one, but like any business, if it is indeed handled like a business, for every hour spent in the blissful glow of the studio light, being creatively expressive and steering clear of the left side of the brain-o-sphere, there are equivalent hours spent on the business side and the oft-stressful side of life.   As a smart girl product of parochial schools,  a worker bee since, well, forever, and an overly sensitive  Cancerian worrier I tend to be quite adept at utilizing   all facets of my psyche and left brain/right brain yoyo.    But being a creative, and an intuitively emotional sponge definitely has its perils along with the benefits.    Suffice it to say that though it has been a difficult year, it has been a creative time in the studio.    And that is a cool revelation to rediscover.   I say rediscover because its something that I’ve known in the past, when I was younger and less affected by the stress of business.    While preparing for this show,  I was also preparing for a solo show at the Sewell Gallery in Eureka, originally slated for April.    At some point in February it became apparent that this was not a solid plan.   Being a chronic “yes” person I was not considering my own limits and even the concept of  asking for a reprieve.   Thank goodness for revelations and support systems and the incredible graciousness and goodwill of my friends at Sewell.   I now have postponed my show for a future date to be posted soon.   Sewell Gallery is a beautiful gallery in my town of Eureka, California representing some of the finest artists on the north coast of California.  If on the north coast, its a definite place to stop in in Old Town.
Arriving in LaQuinta for this show was the equivalent of landing on Mars.   We drove through one of the worst dust storms the inland empire had seen in quite awhile.   Coming from the redwoods through the central valley to the desert, where I hadn’t been in years, and discovering a lush oasis set against these gorgeous sandy hills in a dry, 80 degree climate was surreal.   Fortunately the wind storm died down before we set up and it was clear sailing the rest of the show.    
Day One the Awards Jurors came around, introduced to the artists by a volunteer  and unlike other similar shows they actually engage the artists and ask questions.  I loved that.    At the Artists Party that evening I was Awarded  Best of Category in Drawing and Pastels assuring my attendance for the next two years, whoohoo.   I am proud of my new work so this felt great.    The Artists Party was beautiful!   The La Quinta Arts Foundation truly treats the artists well at this show and makes sure we know we are appreciated.      
At the show we were situated next to contempoary wood sculptor Jay McDougal and had a great time with him and his wife, artist Cindy McDougall.   Jay’s work is crazy beautiful.  Check out his website for a real treat.   Also at the show was fellow artist and friend Mark Kellar who in addition to being a seasoned painter is a long time  musician and voice over artist.    We all had a  great time.
The show wrapped up with good sales, good times and optimism for my return next year!   
Today there is a flood watch along the redwood coast and its been raining for days and will continue to.   I miss those sun drenched hills of the desert right about now.    Thank you La Quinta!

La Quinta Booth Shot


La Quinta Booth Second View







Jay McDougall

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