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The Artist with Sister Kitty and Brother Chris

The Artist with Sister Kitty and Brother Chris

June and half of July has come and gone.   A brief illness followed by a wonderful vacation to Southern California absorbed the better part of the past 6 weeks.   I celebrated my birthday on the 4th of July in southern California at the beach home of my dear sister Kitty and brother in law Jim.   I am one of eleven children and it seems that a lot of the creativity in the family was concentrated in the middle 3 kids, including my brother, Chris,  who works as a prop master and art director for commercials and has played guitar since he was a kid and my sister who has put her energies into becoming a great chef and master gardener.  We were all together for the holiday and it was a lot of fun.    So much creativity in one room infused with  even more wit and humor.   I bet there are a lot of reasons that the middle kids from a big family would become the creative ones….I’m just glad we did and that we enjoy each others company as much as we do.

Back to the studio and time to get ready for upcoming shows.   I have some vineyard paintings in the works and ideas overflowing so check back for new work.

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  1. Kitty

    You are so Sweet, what a lovely time we had…what a great picture too!

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