Back to the Rich Colored Landscapes

Artists are always evolving and hopefully their work evolves as well.   Its interesting to reflect back on previous work and what was the impetus that inspired it and moved it forward.   When I look back on this past year (I tend to think in terms of years ending at Labor Day….something to do with the school schedule….)  I was clearly in an introspective time.   My landscape paintings were more intimate and focal, the color was rich yet not as saturated.   I am proud of the work I did but am ready to move on again, or should I say back a few yards to more vast views of the landscape.   Travelling in the Pacific Northwest this summer I was inspired again by our beautiful northern vistas, hills and valleys, our vineyards and farmlands, and the rich color palette that our eyes are lavished with.   I’ll be continuing with pastels and also with oils.   I’m ready for summer to simmer so to speak and to roam the valleys for places to paint.   August has already been fruitful so  check back.

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  1. Rene Imperiale

    Hello Vicky – Your ork is as beautiful as ever. Are you currently showing anywhere? Could I bring a friend over to possibly buy a piece.
    Thanks! Rene’ Imperiale-Egan 707-845-0409

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