This is my first day of my first blog…ever.  I still have to play with all these tags and tools and settings and links and yadayadayada but for now I simply blog.

Today is a great day.  My daughter is no longer in finals so I don’t have to pick her up at 12:45 from her high school like all last week, thus breaking up my work day.  Today I played with figuring this bloggie thing out and managed to get some treadmill time in too.  I had a piece in mind to start on in the studio so I headed out there and got a great start on a new piece.

The pastel I’m showing you here is from last week.  I’ve been drawn to the architectural qualities of campers and trucks.  Why you ask?  Something about the randomness of vehicles in front yards of the rural landscape I wander here in Humboldt County.  There’s a stillness and a sense of melancholy about these scenes.  I created this small 9×12 image from a trip up Highway 36. “Camper”

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  1. Elizabeth Rhoades

    Hi Victoria; I love your new oils, spectacular! Your new website is even more terrific than the old one, which inspires me. I love painting water too, but the way you handled that ordinary irrigation ditch-wow.

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